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Years ago, Peter Drucker stated that there is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer. It sounds so simple. Yet, over the years doing so has become ever more demanding and complex. Three powerful forces-the Internet, globalization, and information technology-have revolutionized the ways we create, market, and deliver a company's products and services. It's an ever-changing world for marketing executives as they strive to develop more effective ways to find, satisfy, and retain the most desirable customers.  

Starter Set Questions
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How is the Internet revolutionizing marketing?
What do we need to know to achieve brand leadership?
What channel of distribution is best for my product or service?
How can customer relationship marketing work for our company?
What's the worth of a lost customer?

Sales & Marketing
Book Summaries

The $100 Billion Allowance Accessing the Global Teen Market | Elissa Moses|2000
The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding How to Build a Product or Service into a World-Class Brand | Al Ries, Laura Ries|1998
The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing Violate Them at Your Own Risk! | Al Ries, Jack Trout|1993
The 4 Routes to Entrepreneurial Success John Miner|1996
All Consumers Are Not Created Equal The Differential Marketing Strategy for Brand Loyalty and Profits | Garth Hallberg|1995
Beyond Maxi-Marketing The New Power of Caring and Daring | Stan Rapp, Thomas Collins|1994
Beyond Spin The Power of Strategic Corporate Journalism | Markos Kounalakis, Drew Banks, Kim Daus|1999
Brand Asset Management Driving Profitable Growth Through Your Brands | Scott Davis|2000
Brand Leadership | David Aaker, Erich Joachimsthaler|2000
The Brand Mindset[tm] How Companies Like Starbucks, Whirlpool, and Hallmark became Genuine Brands and Other Secrets of Branding Success | Duane Knapp|2000
Brand Spirit How Cause Related Marketing Builds Brands | Hamish Pringle, Marjorie Thompson|1999
Building Brand Identity A Strategy for Success in a Hostile Marketplace | Lynn Upshaw|1995
Building Strong Brands David Aaker|1996
Consultative Selling Mack Hanan|1995
Corporate Creativity How Innovation and Improvement Actually Happen | Alan Robinson, Sam Stern|1997
Creating Strategic Leverage Matching Company Strengths with Market Opportunities | Milind Lele|1992
Crossing the Chasm Marketing and Selling High-Tech Products to Mainstream Customers | Geoffrey Moore|1999
Customer Centered Selling Eight Steps to Success from the World's Best Sales Force | Robert L Jolles|1998
The Customer Is CEO How to Measure What Your Customers Want—And Make Sure They Get It | Forler Massnick|1997
Customer Specific Marketing The New Power in Retailing | Brian Woolf|1996
Customer-Driven Strategy Winning Through Operational Excellence | Thomas Wallace|1992
Customers As Partners Building Relationships That Last | Chip Bell|1994
Cyber Rules Strategies for Excelling at E-Business | Thomas Siebel, with Pat House|1999
Disruption Overturning Conventions and Shaking up the Marketplace | Jean-Marie Dru|1996
Divide and Conquer Target Your Customers Through Market Segmentation | Harry Webber|1998
Driving Brand Value Using Integrated Marketing to Manage Profitable Stakeholder Relationships | Tom Duncan, Sandra Moriarty|1997
Driving Customer Equity How Customer Lifetime Value is Reshaping Corporate Strategy | Roland Rust, Valarie Zeithaml, Katherine Lemon|2000
The E-Commerce Arsenal 12 Technologies You Need to Prevail in the Digital Arena | Alexis Gutzman|2001
Eating the Big Fish How Challenger Brands Can Compete Against Brand Leaders | Adam Morgan|1999
Endless Referrals Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales | Bob Burg|1999
The Experience Economy Work Is Theatre & Every Business a Stage | Joseph Pine, James Gilmore|1999
Experiential Marketing How to Get Customers to Sense, Feel, Think, Act, Relate to Your Company and Brands | Bernd Schmitt|1999
Franchise Organizations Jeffrey Bradach|1998
Free, Perfect, and NOW Connecting to the Three Insatiable Customer Demands: A CEO's True Story | Robert Rodin|1999
Getting It Right Creating Customer Value for Market Leadership | Philip Weinzimer|1998
Global Jumpstart The Complete Resource for Expanding Small and Midsize Businesses | Ruth Stanat, Chris West|1999
Go for Growth Five Paths to Profit and Success?Choose the Right One for You and Your Company | Robert Tomasko|1996
The Handbook of Strategic Public Relations & Integrated Communications Clarke Caywood|1997
How Hits Happen Forecasting Predictability in a Chaotic Marketplace | Winslow Farrell|1998
Industrial Marketing Strategy | Frederick Webster|1995
Innovation Explosion Using Intellect and Software to Revolutionize Growth Strategies | James Brian Quinn, Jordan Baruch, Karen Anne Zien|1997
Inside the Tornado Marketing Strategies from Silicon Valley's Cutting Edge | Geoffrey Moore|1995
The Interactive Marketplace Business-to-Business Strategies for Delivering Just-in-Time, Mass-Customized Products | Keith Brown|2000
Kotler on Marketing How to Create, Win, and Dominate Markets | Philip Kotler|1999
Lessons from the Nordstrom Way How Companies are Emulating the #1 Customer Service Company | Robert Spector|2000
Managing Brand Equity Capitalizing on the Value of a Brand Name | David Aaker|1991
Managing Channels of Distribution The Marketing Executive's Complete Guide | Kenneth Rolnicki|1998
Managing Major Sales Practical Strategies for Improving Sales Effectiveness | Neil Rackham, Richard Ruff|1991
Market Research Matters Tools and Techniques for Aligning Your Business | Robert Duboff, Jim Spaeth|2000
Marketing Myths That Are Killing Business The Cure for Death Wish Marketing | Kevin Clancy, Robert Shulman|1994
Marketing Plans That Work Targeting Growth and Profitability | Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan|1997
Marketing Research | David Aaker, Kumar, George Day|2001
Marketing the Unknown Developing Market Strategies for Technical Innovations | Paul Millier|1999
Marketing Warfare Al Ries, Jack Trout|1986
The Masterbrand Mandate The Management Strategy That Unifies Companies and Multiplies Value | Lynn Upshaw, Earl Taylor|2000
Mastering Marketing The Complete MBA Companion in Marketing | Neville Hawcock, Tim Dickson|1999
Net Worth Shaping Markets When Customers Make the Rules | John Hagel, Marc Singer|1999
The New Marketing Era Marketing to the Imagination in a Technology-Driven World | Paul Postma|1999
The New Positioning The Latest on the World's #1 Business Strategy | Jack Trout, Steve Rivkin|1996
The One to One Fieldbook The Complete Toolkit for Implementing a 1to1 Marketing Program | Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Bob Dorf|1999
Outrageous! Unforgettable Service. . . Guilt Free Selling | Scott Gross|1998
The Paradox Process Creative Business Solutions . . . Where You Least Expect to Find Them | Derm Barrett|1998
Permission Marketing Turning Strangers into Friends, and Friends into Customers | Seth Godin|1999
Power Base Selling Secrets of an Ivy League Street Fighter | Jim Holden|1999
The Power of Logos How To Create Effective Company Logos | William Haig, Laurel Harper|1997
The Power of Now How Winning Companies Sense & Respond to Change Using Real-Time Technology | Vivek Ranadive|1999
Public Relations on the Net Winning Strategies to Inform and Influence the Media, the Investment Community, the Government, the Public, and More! | Shel Holtz|1998
Relationship Marketing New Strategies, Techniques and Technologies to Win the Customers You Want and Keep Them Forever | Ian Gordon|1998
Relationship Marketing Successful Strategies for the Age of the Customer | Regis McKenna|1991
Relentless The Japanese Way of Marketing | Johny Johansson, Ikujiro Nonaka|1996
Relentless Growth How Silicon Valley Innovation Strategies Can Work in Your Business | Christopher Meyer|1998
Rethinking the Sales Force Redefining Selling to Create and Capture Customer Value | Neil Rackham, John De Vincentis|1999
Rocking the Ages The Yankelovich Report on Generational Marketing | Walker Smith, Ann Clurman|1997
Sales, Marketing, and Continuous Improvement Six Best Practices to Achieve Revenue Growth and Increase Customer Loyalty | Daniel Stowell|1997
Selling the Invisible A Field Guide to Modern Marketing | Harry Beckwith|1997
Selling With Integrity Reinventing Sales Through Collaboration, Respect, and Serving | Sharon Drew Morgan|1997
Seven Secrets of Service Strategy | Jacques Horovitz|2000
Smart Business Solutions for Direct Marketing and Customer Management How to Harness the Power of Technology to Put Your Small Business in the Black | Douglas Gantenbein|1999
Smart Things to Know about Brands & Branding | John Mariotti|1999
The Soul of the New Consumer Authenticity?What We Buy and Why in the New Economy | David Lewis|2000
Stop Selling, Start Partnering The New Thinking about Finding & Keeping Customers | Larry Wilson, Hersch Wilson|1994
Strategic Market Planning A Blueprint for Success | Patrick McNamee|1998
Street Trends How Today's Alternative Youth Cultures are Creating Tomorrow's Mainstream Markets | Janine Lopiano-Misdom, Joanne De Luca|1997
Thinking Out of the Box How to Market Your Company into the Future | Kathy Yohalem|1997
Tough Selling for Tough Times | Murray Raphel, Neil Raphel|1992
Truth, Lies, and Advertising The Art of Account Planning | Jon Steel|1998
Turning Lost Customers into Gold . . . and the Art of Achieving Zero Defections | Joan Koob Cannie|1994
Visionary Selling How to Get to Top Executives?and How to Sell Them When You're There | Barbara Geraghty|1998
Walk Like a Giant, Sell Like a Madman | Ralph Roberts|1997
Warp-Speed Branding The Impact of Technology on Marketing | Agnieszka Winkler|1999
What Customers Like About You Adding Emotional Value for Service Excellence and Competitive Advantage | David Freemantle|1999
Why Firms Succeed Choosing Markets and Challenging Competitors to Add Value | John Kay|1995
Why People Don't Buy Things 5 Proven Steps to Connect with Your Customers and Dramatically Increase Your Sales | Harry Washburn, Kim Wallace|1999
Wide-Angle Vision Beat Your Competition by Focusing on Fringe Competitors, Lost Customers, and Rogue Employees | Wayne Burkan|1996
Win-Win Sales Management A Powerful New Approach for Increasing Sales from Your Team | Pat Weymes|2000
You Will Be Satisfied | Bob Tasca|1997
The Zen of Selling The Way to Profit from Life's Everyday Lessons | Stan Adler|1998
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Sales & Marketing
Book Extract Suites
Each Suite contains extracts from 3 to 10 books
               focused on a single business concept

  • Market Creation, Innovation & Growth
    • Analyzing the Market Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Roger Blackwell, David Aaker, Christopher Gardner, Sergio Zyman, Michael Berry, Gordon Linoff, Wayne Burkan, Philip Kotler, Peter Drucker
    • Transitioning to Web Marketing Geoffrey Moore, Rick Levine, Christopher Locke, Doc Searls, David Weinberger, Pauline Bickerton, Matthew Bickerton, Kate Simpson-Holley, Jill Ellsworth, Matthew Ellsworth, Richard Gascoyne, Koray Ozcubukcu, Tom Duncan, Sandra Moriarty, David Bovet, Kim Bayne, Walid Mougayar, Joseph Martha
  • Integrated Marketing, Sales & Service
    • Developing a Marketing Strategy Alvin Lehnerd, Marc Meyer, Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Jack Trout, Leonard Schlesinger, David Aaker, James Antos, James Brimson, Brian Bloomfield, Dale Littler, David Knights, Philip Kotler, Rod Coombs, James Heskett, Earl Sasser, Kathy Yohalem
    • Selling Solutions, Not Products Robert L Jolles, Kenneth Preiss, Steven Goldman, Roger Nagel, Sharon Drew Morgan, Neil Rackham, John De Vincentis, Barbara Geraghty, Kim Wallace, Harry Washburn, Scott Gross, Adrian Slywotsky, Frederick Webster
    • Exceptional Customer Service Richard Whiteley, Diane Hessan, Regis McKenna, Jack Schmid, Robert Hiebeler, Thomas B Kelly, Charles Ketteman, Jacques Horovitz, Stanley Brown, Alan Webber, Douglas Gantenbein, Jeremy Hope, Tony Hope, David Packard, Gene Tyndall, Christopher Gopal, Wolfgang Partsch, John Kamauff
  • Establishing Value & Pricing
    • Financial Analysis for Successful Marketing Robert Dolan, Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Jack Trout, Sergio Zyman, Lianabel Oliver, James Antos, James Brimson, Philip Kotler, Janet Lowe, Hermann Simon, Kim Bayne, Garth Hallberg, James Sagner
    • Calculating Customer Value Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Neil Rackham, John De Vincentis, Thomas Hargraves, Edward Wakin, Jack Schmid, Ian Gordon, Jacques Horovitz, Bob Dorf, James Cortada, Robert Duboff, Joan Koob Cannie, Stanley Brown, Frederick Reichheld, Alan Webber, Jim Spaeth, Jeremy Hope, Tony Hope
    • Pricing for Profitability Robert Dolan, Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Sharon Oster, Shiv Mathur, Alfred Kenyon, Evan Schwartz, Hermann Simon, Shahid Ansari, Jan Bell, Scott Davis, CAM-I Target Cost Core Group
  • Finding & Targeting Customers
    • Personalization Strategies Carl Shapiro, Hal Varian, Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Jonathan Ezor, Robbin Zeff, Brad Aronson, Andrew Shapiro, Michael Fradette, Steve Michaud, Leonard Berry, Bob Dorf, Richard Gascoyne, Koray Ozcubukcu, Paul Postma, Kate Maddox, Dana Blankenhorn
    • Identifying Customer Preferences Richard Whiteley, Diane Hessan, Leonard Schlesinger, Walter Tornow, Robert Hiebeler, Thomas B Kelly, Charles Ketteman, Daniel Stowell, Jacques Horovitz, Theodore Kinni, Glenn Rifkin, Manuel London, Shahid Ansari, Jan Bell, James Heskett, Earl Sasser, CAM-I Target Cost Core Group, Sam Hill
  • Customer Relationships & Satisfaction
    • Measuring Customer Satisfaction Robert Kaplan, Leonard Schlesinger, George Day, David Aaker, Thomas Hargraves, Edward Wakin, Robert Hiebeler, Thomas B Kelly, Charles Ketteman, Mark Graham Brown, Kumar, Jacques Horovitz, James Cortada, Tom Connellan, Forler Massnick, Ron Zemke, Stanley Brown, James Heskett, Earl Sasser, David Norton
  • Corporate Positioning & Branding
    • Developing Marketing Plans Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Jack Nilles, David Aaker, Paul Millier, Daniel Janal, Philip Kotler, Shona Brown, Kathleen Eisenhardt, Kim Bayne, Kathy Yohalem, Peter Drucker
    • Implementing Marketing Plans Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Don Schultz, Stanley Tannenbaum, Robert Lauterborn, Bob Dorf, Tom Duncan, Sandra Moriarty, Kevin Clancy, Robert Shulman, Philip Kotler, Seth Godin, Glenn Rifkin, Stan Rapp, Thomas Collins, Kim Bayne, Sam Hill
    • Brand Leadership Barry Gibbons, David Aaker, Adam Morgan, Evan Schwartz, Glenn Rifkin, Agnieszka Winkler, Chuck Martin, John Mariotti, Scott Davis, Paul Cohen, Frances Hesselbein, Sam Hill, Kathy Yohalem, Lynn Upshaw
  • Advertising, Public Relations & Promotion
    • Transitioning from Mass Marketing Don Peppers, Martha Rogers, Ian Gordon, Michael Hammer, James Champy, Bob Dorf, Joseph Pine, Paul Postma, Philip Kotler, James Gilmore, Seth Godin, Forler Massnick, Stan Rapp, Thomas Collins, Harry Webber
    • Marketing Communications: Strategy & Tactics Malcolm McDonald, Warren Keegan, Don Schultz, Jonathan Ezor, Robbin Zeff, Brad Aronson, Sergio Zyman, Stanley Tannenbaum, Robert Lauterborn, Sharon Oster, Adam Morgan, Glenn Rifkin, Stan Rapp, Thomas Collins, Scott Davis, Garth Hallberg, Sam Hill
  • Partnerships, Alliances & Co-opetition
    • Partner Relationship Management John Oleson, Jac Fitz-Enz, John Schorr, Geoffrey Moore, Leonard Berry, Martin Deise, Conrad Nowikow, Patrick King, Amy Wright, Jay Galbraith, William Bergquist, Juli Betwee, David Meuel, Susan Mohrman, Edward Lawler, Peter Cohan, Mohamed Zairi
  • Global Marketing Challenges
    • Global Marketing Strategy Robert Dolan, Jonathan Story, Jonathan Ezor, Jean-Pierre Jeannet, Murray Weidenbaum, Samuel Hughes, David Aaker, David Greising, Rolf Jensen, Robert Grosse, Johny Johansson, Ikujiro Nonaka, Hermann Simon
    • Competing in the Global Marketplace Robert Slater, Marshall Goldsmith, Jean-Pierre Jeannet, Richard Schubert, Frances Cairncross, Virginia O'Brien, Sharon Oster, David Moschella, Gary Hamel, Sumantra Ghoshal, Christopher Bartlett, Richard Beckhard, Al Ries, Browning Rockwell, Paul Cohen, Frances Hesselbein, Prahalad Dot Net Nuke Consultants

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